Technical data and information on the mobile high ropes course


  • Sporting events and events
  • Exhibitions and Fairs
  • Jubilees and Anniversary
  • Personality development and team training
  • Experiential learning at schools
  • and wherever the special, lasting experience is sought

High advertising effectiveness

The design provides an attractive area for attachment of advertising, lighting and sound. Stands can be placed in the inner region, so that additional advertising space and floor space can be made available ,for rent, for example, to sponsors.

Stable and highly flexible

The free-standing aluminum structure can be set up anywhere where there is a reasonably flat, sound substrate present. Short construction time and compact dimensions make the mobile high ropes course extremely flexible.
Different creative and motivational challenges are:

  • Free-swinging climbing walls
  • Swinging Steps or Units
  • Pamper Pole
  • Climbing snake
  • Jakobs Ladder

Dimensions and safety

  • Size about 10 x 10 x 10 meters
  • Surrounging space about 14 x 14 meters
  • Dimensions partially adaptable
  • sound substrate needed (1 ton per square meter)
  • statically tested construction with TÜV approval - construction book "temporary structures"
  • easy attachment of lighting and sound
  • Assembly time approximately four hours