Team Development

In contrast to events from our event portfolio, we interpret team development as an advanced holistic approach to  analysing your individual situation. In a preliminary discussion with you, we create a customized seminar idea in which we place  targeted methods with experiential and action-oriented character. We call such a process "team finding" because it is, in our eyes, based especially around "successful interaction". Equally important is our intense reflection and a concrete transfer into everyday life. Both can be done both in-and outdoors.


  • Formation of a team
  • Temporal support in difficult times
  • Clarification of roles
  • Target definition
  • Staff changes
  • Communicate with each other
  • Motivation, project preparation
  • Inventory
  • Stress and Relaxtion
  • and much more ...

Successful team building has to do with group dynamics and culture. Most of us are accustomed to it and it works well more or less.

If we as external trainers are supporting a process, we are not the wind in the sails, not the captain, who has command and not the helmsman who steers the helm. Rather, we are the sailor on watch,
high above in the lookout, that shows the team where it is right now and what are the possibilities available.