Young employees

In the future there will be fewer and fewer young people seeking vocational training. Demographic trends and the tendency to achieve more academic qualifications are a few of the reasons why. Therefore it is all the more important to promote existing potential trainees and also to give young people with disabilities a chance.

For this reason we have developed the training program "Ju-Zu!" .

The program title is both our inner attitude, namely the clear awareness that young employees follow in our professional footsteps and take responsibility - as well as the awareness that there will be increasingly heterogeneous learning groups, both in schools and in the workplace .


  • Encouraging initiative and work independently
  • Teamwork
  • Assume responsibility
  • Identify conflicts and design solutions
  • Dealing with colleagues from immigrant backgrounds or with disabilities
  • Social skills
  • and much more ...

The young employees learn how to learn not just by recording inforamtion but by learning from the experience and realising that it can also be fun. Our combination of methods allows information transfer on many different input channels for the young employees. They get to know independent learning as an interpersonal skill, outside the companys everyday routines. The training creates a specific motivation of the young employees, binding them more to the company.