Mobile high ropes elements indoors and outdoors

Flying high with your team

Let your team take off! Several high-wire elements in 7 - 10 meters height, the 11 meter high climbing wall with 12 different climbing routes and the unique rappelling experience creates different demands on the participants. Have the courage to innovate, to rely on each other as a team, to trust each other, work well together and celebrate shared success are a few of the goals that can be achieved.


This is not about sporting excellence, but primarily about mutual motivation, exploring your own limits and taking a small step out of your own comfort zone.

The specially trained coaches are geared to the needs of each individual group and, thus, allow the challenges to be an unforgettable experience.

People:           10-100

Time:              from 2.5 hours

When:             all year

Target:            confidence, take responsibility, motivation, fun