Active Breaks

Active and Fit

Active breaks bring new momentum, motivation and concentration into your conference room!

The change between exertion and relaxation, rest and exercise is a prerequisite for good concentration and significantly better performance.
Recovery periods are in mental and physical exertion indispensable and exercise breaks are particularly effective.

Do your team a favor and experience with Kiwi Connection an active break for increasing motivation, improving brain blood circulation and promote the capacity to withhold information!

15 minutes movement are sufficient for the brain and body to improve oxygen uptake and thus increase energy levels.

A wide range of activiating tasks are at your disposal.
- Visual and coordinating elements of the Life Kinetic
- Amusing motion games like Crossboccia, Speedminton or Footbag
- Riesenjenga, challenging puzzles and brain teasers
- team tasks
- exercise and relaxation techniques
- Pilates
- Preventative care for your back

People:       10-200

Time:          from 15 minutes

When:        all year

Target:       activation, concentration, relaxation, exercise