Raft building

On land and water a strong crew

Craftsmanship and creativity are needed to build a raft with a few materials such as wood, ropes and floats. Thoughtful planning in advance is crucial to ensure the raft is suitable for the challenges ahead on the water.

After the joint building action is completed, the painted flags are raised the teams are "Off on the Water". With the self-made rafts it will be a fun maiden voyage.

The raft building exercise can also be extended into a day's action and be the crowning task to your orientation rally! On the way to the raft building site the teams must earn the required material needed for the task through completing tricky exercises. Before the building action an outdoor buffet can be provided in order to stenghten your team.

People:       10-50

Time:          from 4 hours

When:         from May to October

Target:        project management, communication, cooperation, fun