Education – Outdoor learning adventure

A feeling of " unity " in school. A class community that can move mountains. A student-teacher relationship full of trust. Personal strengths that are used and weaknesses that are accepted. How much easier and more motivated lessons become afterwards.

We use experiential education to create a space in which time and closeness are given, in which students and teachers can meet. Experience school camps in which previously unknown abilities and talents come to light. Students and teachers experience each other in a much broader context than in school. The sense of unity is strengthened by the shared experiences.

Our experiential education modules pursue these objectives

✓ Theory is gray, experiential learning is colourful!

Our experiential education starts in colourful experiential learning. It is of great importance for young people to have communal experiences. It is essential that they experience togetherness as something positive. Only in this way can they find their positions and their tasks in the class.
We encourage students to learn about their limits and to respect those of others. Strengths and weaknesses are discussed and acknowledged. We help children and young people to bear their fears and to deal with their conflicts in a reasonable way. Through experiential learning, rules are seen as meaningful for a well-functioning community.
Fun is by no means neglected.

✓ Natural environment

Out of the school routine - into nature
As a change from everyday school life in the classroom, let's get out into the fresh air. We offer you and your class a variety of activities to create an active social program outside in nature.
You as a teacher and the students experience nature up close together.
A meaningful look at ecological aspects, a respectful and sustainable approach to nature - these are also goals that we like to convey.


✓ Achieve educational goals

As a teacher, you implement the educational mission. This works best if you work with students who are team players and can act responsibly. A high level of social competence and a certain degree of personal responsibility on the part of the students also make your day-to-day work easier.
We work with you to design a space where teaching and education can be combined in a special way.
Our inspiring team experiences offer very good conditions for individual personality development. With the help of a stimulating teaching of values, we encourage the emergence or continuation of team skills. We help you develop social skills and strengthen the class community in the long term.


With our educational program you will profit from


Commitment and expertise

Benefit from many years of experience in school, youth and university sports. We have been supervising school programs with great commitment since 1990. We are pioneers in the field of experiential education and lead numerous courses and trainings.
Book an experiential education program with us and enrich yourself and your class with a high content and emotional quality, with professional implementation and wide-ranging expertise of our guides.

We particularly aim to promote the important social skills and key qualifications. These include

  • Ability to work in a team
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Increasing self-esteem

Flexibility and individuality

Our outdoor activities arouse enthusiasm and are unforgettable experiences for you and your class. Your wishes and ideas give us the central theme for planning, organization and implementation.

Take advantage of our already " tailored" experience packages. These are to be understood as a suggestion and can of course be varied as desired.
Together with you, we design activities for one day or two weeks. We carry out experiences with 15 or even 150 participants. We come to you - to your hut or to any other guesthouse. No matter how - just tell us your ideas. Together we will design your individual program.

The prerequisite for experiential learning and successful transfer is a reflected and changed behavior of the students. Cognitively and emotionally, this can be achieved and implemented by students from the 6th grade onwards.

Youth Hostel Kornau - Oberstdorf

We are the exclusive partner of the Kornau youth hostel in southern Oberallgäu. As part of an Adventure Camp, we enable school classes and other groups staying at the youth hostel to take part in exciting and varied outdoor activities.

The aim is to strengthen the "feeling of unity" of the team during the activities in our own forest ropes course and low ropes course, on an orienteering rally or on a raft/canadian tour and to give them lasting experiences which they can take with them into the future.      

The combination of mountains, water and valuable experiential team tasks make this place and our program a special highlight for you.

Our Team box

Stay on the ball and sustainably strengthen the newly experienced sense of unity in your class.

We have developed a team box especially for your use in schools or in youth and adult education. It facilitates your work on "colourful experiential learning" and provides you with material and methods.
The team box is filled with a variety of cooperation and strategic tasks.
It meets the requirements of social and emotional learning for your experiential education work.

Possible program modules

Forest ropes course with high and low rope elements

Experiencing one's own limits, daring to take a step out of one's comfort zone, encouraging fellow students in their actions through motivation, and building mutual trust are features of the swinging steps, cargo net, cable walk, trapeze, and pamper pole. Unlike in a classic forest rope or adventure park, each high ropes element is set up independently of the other and participants are belayed by the team or the trainer.

Active support from fellow students helps the participants to master the challenges. In addition to the high ropes elements, a Mohawk Walk is available at a height of approximately 50 cm. These and other team exercises promote teamwork in smaller groups. The tasks to be mastered by the entire team put what has been learned to the test.

Orienteering rally with a rock abseil

Only if the compass is correctly aligned and the encrypted codes in the roadbook are cracked will the team find the "right way" to the destination. Tricky team tasks that can only be solved together provide new surprises along the way. As a highlight, an exciting abseiling spot on the rock awaits the students, where they are challenged to overcome their limits. Strengthening the class unity and promoting the team spirit are in the foreground of this adventurous program.


Water adventure- raft /canadian tour on the Iller river

Inflatable Canadian canoes or rafts that are stable and easy to steer offer space for 3 - 8 students and enable even beginners to move independently and safely on the water. The easy but scenic routes on the Iller river can be easily mastered by youngsters. The hard skills are taught through a detailed theoretical and practical introduction by experienced kayak instructors before we go out on the water together. Fun water games and boat races guarantee fun and action and promote team spirit in a small team. The only prerequisite is swimming ability of the participants.


Fun Olympics with archery, frisbee golf, creative building project and much more.

Strategy development, cooperation, creativity, skill and above all team spirit are required to solve the variety of challenges and to stay ahead in direct competition with the other teams.

When the skills of the individuals are properly exploited, every team is sure to score points.

Unusual activities such as archery, frisbee golf, team skiing, swamp crossing, puzzle solving and creative building projects increase the excitement and guarantee motivation and team spirit. Not the sportive competition but fun and the mutual experience are in the foreground.

Convince yourself of the versatile offer! Put together an individual package for a day or a whole week from attractive modules.