Kiwi Connection Teambox

Through a variety of cooperation, trust and strategy tasks from experiential education, social and emotional competencies and skills can be promoted in youth and adult education.

The Teambox features 18 different initiative and problem-solving tasks to show you ways to develop your team's necessary key skills, teamwork abilities and willingness to cooperate.

These are compiled in a compact form and set up in just a few simple steps. The clearly laid out manual contains both the exercise descriptions, variation options and tips for final reflection. The exercise instructions are laminated as individual sheets so that they can be easily taken outdoors.

possible uses

• School - especially for physical education classes, school camps, project days, substitute lessons, internal teacher trainings
• Trainee training
• Event and team training with your employees

The team box as well as individual elements can be purchased directly from Kiwi-Connection.

Individual activities:

Spider web (2 x 2m)     Magic wand
Spider web XL (2,5 x 2,5m)    Bull ring Set

The teambox contains the following material:

Spider web (2 x 2m):
• 4 collapsible aluminum rods, 2 wooden stands for the base, 1 spider web made of bungee cord

Magic wand:
• 1 collapsible aluminium rod

Flying carpet:
• Tarpaulin (approx. 190cm x 110cm)

Bull ring set:

• Metal ring mit 16 rope cords, rubber ring with 16 rope cords, 2 launch and landing platforms, 2 different transport devices

Ball transport:

• 9 Plastic rods, ball

Piranha Lake:

• 1 climbing rope 15 meters, 1 climbing rope 20 meters, 1 climbing harness, 1 carabiner, 1 treasure chest

Nail game:
• 1 wooden block with an embedded nail, 15 nails in a bag

Other material/ multifunctional:
15 pieces of rope á 2 meters, 15 blindfolds and small cloth bag
Manual with 18 laminated exercise instructions and variations
Large plastic box with lid for storing the material

Trainings for the Teambox on request

Talk to us, we will be happy to make you an offer!