Training - Customised Team Building

Your organization is in an exciting time and maybe even accompanied by a consultant? You want your organization to develop successfully and are restructuring your team or are already working in a freshly assembled team? You are in a process full of motivation and new challenges with the goal to lead a high-performance team in the future?

We can support you with our expertise in action and experience-oriented learning projects and qualified know-how in facilitation, reflection and training. We build on certified trainings in facilitation / conflict moderation, systemic consulting & coaching and other recognized intervention methods.

Our outdoor-experienced and professionally trained coaches accompany you in your process towards developing a successful team which is satisfied and highly effective in the future.


We offer trainings with the following objectives

✓ Team development

We understand team development as holistic consulting including analysis of your situation in advance. In a preliminary discussion, we create an individual seminar idea with you, in which we specifically place methods with an experiential and action-oriented character. We like to call such a process "team finding". In our eyes, it is primarily about "successful cooperation". Equally important to us is intensive reflection and a concrete transfer into everyday life. Both can take place indoors as well as outdoors. Core objectives are development, emotion and teamwork - combined with fun.
Topics that concern you as a company are:
• New team formation
• Temporary support in periods of difficulty
• Role clarification
• Target definitionn
• Employee changes
• Communication with one another
• Motivation
• Project preparation
• Stocktaking
• Stress und relaxation

✓ Training for trainees

Trainees and young employees will have to assume responsibility sooner or later. Do you want them to be aware of their strengths right from the start and be able to use them to the full? To integrate into existing teams with their full potential? That they perform their tasks masterfully and achieve goals with ease?
In our trainings, the young adults get to know learning not as mere information intake, but as experiential learning that can also be fun. Our mix of methods enables information transfer through many different input channels. The training creates a specially motivated bond between the young people and your company. We always take into account the special situation of the transition from school / university to work.
We focus on:
• Encouraging initiative and independent work
• Increasing self-motovation
• Teamwork
• Assuming responsibilty
• Recognising conflicts and finding solutions
• Dealing with colleagues with a migration background or with disabilities
• Socialcompetence

✓ Personality and expertise

We promote personality and expertise through targeted development of individuals in your teams. Outside of the daily business routine, we offer the space to experience and reflect - completely detached from the professional qualifications of in-house training and further education.
In the sense of holistic consulting, we analyze the situation together with you. Afterwards, we create an individual training idea together, in which we specifically place methods with an experiential and action-oriented character. Optimally, your own patterns are recognized, questioned and new options for action are developed.
Depending on the topic of the seminar, reflection and practical application play an essential role. Both can take place indoors as well as outdoors.
Topics may include:
• Personality development
• Team thinking
• Communication skills
• Cooperation
• Role competence
• Social competence
• Solution thinking
• Conflikt management
• Dealing with mistakes
• Stress/relaxation
• Creativity skills
• Corporate Responsibility


✓ Motivation

We offer agile and solution-focused facilitation methods for your workshops and seminars. The greatest benefit of external moderation is probably the role itself. We always work systematically, structured and participant-oriented. The process and the quality of the result are in the foreground. The resources and knowledge of all participants are used to find ideas and solutions.

Theme selection:
• Workshop moderation
• Conflikt moderation
• Moderation of creative processes
• Moderation of strategic developments
• Team-/Departmental meetings


With our trainings you will profit from


Tailor-made team development

Your current and perceived team situation is our underlying theme. We adapt the active as well as the theoretical program modules to it in a well thought-out way down to the last detail. In an unusual learning environment with extraordinary challenges, we offer you and your team the opportunity to get to know each other personally outside of the daily work routine and to grow as a team. With active elements in nature on the one hand and theoretical transfer and inputs in the seminar room on the other, we promote cooperation, internal communication and sustainable networking among your employees. In doing so, we promote strategic planning as well as agile project management. Situational leadership styles are trained with complex challenges. An improved problem-solving competence develops and the employees can become more aware of their personal role within the team.

Strengthening skills

In our training courses, participants learn to take more initiative. They take better responsibility for themselves and others. Self-confidence and trust in others is strengthened and their own stress competence is expanded. Our coaches moderate a solution- and resource-oriented transfer into the future and the daily work routine. Your team performance will be significantly increased.

Benefits for your company

  • You increase the willingness to communicate and cooperate
  • Employee retention
  • Employee motivation
  • Employee identification with the employer, its values and goals
  • You decelerate the workday of your employees and stress is experienced in a reduced way

Benefits for your employees

  • Personality development
  • Improvement of problem solving and communication skills
  • Enhanced project knowledge
  • Valuable team experience
  • Increased creativity and agility
  • Increased sense of responsibility, self-confidence and independence

Take the ideas as a suggestion for a conversation with us or
request our detailed program ideas first.