Mobile High Ropes Course

Are you planning a big company anniversary or a trade fair appearance? Are you looking for a special way to motivate your employees? You want to make your customer's event an absolute highlight with an extraordinary attraction?

We have the solution for you! With our patented mobile high ropes course, we offer you a unique, crowd-pleasing concept with many possible applications. We come to any place of your choice!


With our high ropes course we offer you various features

✓ Sustainable experiences

We bring excitement, teamwork and fun to your event with our mobile high ropes course and ensure a lasting experience.
Our innovative development of mobile rope elements and the stationary high ropes courses awaits the participant with a wide variety of tasks. Participants enjoy the action, which encourages them to try new things and builds mutual trust. Cooperation and joint successes lead to celebrations. These impressive experiences define the day and remain in the memory for a long time.

✓ Challenges

Our high ropes elements are all a motivating challenge for each individual. Leaving your own comfort zone is inevitable and greatly strengthens your experience of your own limits and self confidence. In this context, climbing on a variety of elements encourages people to take more of their own initiative or to assume responsibility for themselves.
Additionally, one's own stress competence is expanded.


✓ A wide variety of applications

No matter what your background and that of your event is - our mobile high ropes course fits every theme and inspires your participants.
Our Mobile High Ropes Course has been at

  • Major sporting and cultural events
  • Exhibitions and fairs
  • Company anniversaries
  • Personality development and team trainings
  • Experiential education at schools
  • and everywhere where the special, lasting experience is sought after

We guarantee the following with our mobile high ropes course



According to your specifications we construct your mobile high ropes course.
Are 100 people coming to your event or do you want to provide an attraction for 1000 visitors a day - do you need the high ropes course for one day or up to several weeks. Everything is possible. You will get a complete package from us made to measure, including the construction, supervision at the event with qualified trainers and the dismantling.

Advertising effectiveness

Our construction offers you an attractive area for placing advertising, lighting and sound equipment. Exhibition stands can be placed in the inner area. This provides an additional opportunity to rent advertising space and stand space to sponsors, for example.

Does your event have a specific theme? We would be happy to decorate the mobile high ropes course according to your special requirements.

Stability and flexibility

The free-standing aluminum construction can be set up anywhere there is a reasonably level, load-bearing surface. Short assembly time and compact dimensions make our mobile high ropes course extremely flexible. With the versatile possible high ropes elements we react to your local conditions and your different objectives and preferences.

Choose from a wide variety of challenges. All of them are highly creative and strikingly motivating:

  • Free swinging climbing wall
  • Swinging steps oder units
  • Pamper pole
  • Climbing snake
  • Giant ladder


Our mobile high ropes course is a statically tested construction with continual TÜV approval according to the standards of the German construction book "Fliegende Bauten". We work with equipment that must meet the highest standards. The safety of people, material and nature is our top priority!

Dimensions and safety

  • Size approx. 10 x 10 x 10 meters
  • Space requirement approx. 14 x 14 meters
  • dimensions partly adaptable
  • load-bearing foundation required (1 ton per square meter)
  • statically tested construction with TÜV certification - construction book "Fliegende Bauten"
  • easy mounting of light and sound equipment
  • assembly time approx. four hours

Mobile high rope elements

At Schloss Hohenkammer we are in the exclusive position of having our own high rope elements installed in the nearby forest. The elements are attached via steel cables between the trees at heights of up to 10m. They are a motivating challenge for each individual. Leaving one's comfort zone is a necessity and reinforces experiencing one's own limits and confidence in oneself.

We offer many possibilities from which you can choose for your active program. Starting with swinging steps or units to a free swinging climbing wall, a cable walk, pamper pole and many more. We have also installed these elements indoors in the event hall at Schloss Hohenkammer. So bad weather is no obstacle.

With the necessary preparation, we can also erect these elements at your location. In doing so, we always work with the highest standards of safety for people, material and nature!

Talk to us, we will be happy to make you an offer for your event!