Event - Inspiring teams sustainably

You are a future-oriented company. You know that highly qualified, agile and motivated employees in addition to a well-coordinated and effective team are your most important assets for success.

Our events give you and your team a new context in which you can all actively and emotionally "experience". The insights gained can be sustainably integrated into your everyday work.

We offer you valuable team events, accompanied by our trained project managers and experienced trainers. Our outdoor activities arouse enthusiasm and are unforgettable experiences for you and your team.

The general added value of our events results from the experience-oriented learning. The social competence is sustainably promoted and the team spirit is in focus.


We offer events with the following objectives

✓ Fun and variety

Out of the daily work routine - into nature
As a change to the conference in the seminar room, we' ll take you out into the fresh air. We offer you a variety of activities with which you can create an active social program around your conference. Fun and action together, as well as getting to know each other on a personal level, are in the foreground.

✓ effective team development

We use nature and its elements for experiences in your team -  to sustainably network your employees, promote strategic planning and to encourage agile project management.
Situational leadership styles are trained with complex challenges. Improved problem-solving skills and role clarity in the team develop, as well as increasing awareness of personal roles within the team.


✓ Strengthening of personal skills

Our events encourage the participants to take more initiative, to take responsibility for themselves and others, to strengthen their self-confidence and trust in others, or even to expand their own stress competence. We not only accompany the events, but also moderate the patterns and behaviors of the participants shown during the event. Thus, a solution- and resource-oriented transfer into the future and the daily work routine is possible and the team performance is increased.

✓ Increasing the value of seminars

With us you create a highly motivated learning atmosphere. We give your group a new dynamic and an unusual learning environment with extraordinary challenges and actions. We lure your employees out of their own comfort zone. You will see with what openness and motivation your team approaches our tasks and incorporates the findings sustainably into their everyday work.

With our events you will profit from


Outstanding locations

You don't have to search long for locations for your meeting or seminar. As an exclusive partner in the field of outdoor events, we have been working with outstanding hotels for many years.

These include:
Schloss Hohenkammer (in the north of Munich)
Bad Schachen (Lindau)
Altes Schloss Kißlegg (Western Allgäu)
All locations offer perfect conditions for your event.
Of course we also come to your location or site. Our programs can be flexibly adapted to all spatial and local conditions.


Outdoor to Indoor

Event hall Schloss Hohenkammer

At Schloss Hohenkammer we have the possibility to react to the short-term weather conditions at any time. The former riding hall on the grounds of Schloss Hohenkammer is available to us as an event hall. Most of the activities that are planned as outdoor program elements can also be carried out indoors. Even activities like raft building or GPS rally can be modified to similar indoor programs. We can determine the location a few hours before the event, in coordination with you. Bad weather is therefore no obstacle for us. An indoor variation can also be planned at other locations as an alternative to bad weather. For this we only need a large seminar room or other halls for the implementation of an activity program.

Time frame and group size

We flexibly design your individual program according to your objectives, your time frame and the size of your group. We can provide programs for 2 hours or a whole day and more. It is possible for us to carry out all kinds of activities with you, from 10 to 200 people. In exceptional cases we also plan events for less than 10 or with more than 200 people.

Mobile high rope elements

At Schloss Hohenkammer we are in the exclusive position of having our own high rope elements installed in the nearby forest. The elements are attached via steel cables between the trees at heights of up to 10m. They are a motivating challenge for each individual. Leaving one's comfort zone is inevitable and greatly strengthens the experience of one's own limits and confidence in oneself.

We offer a range of options from which you can choose for your active program. Starting from swinging steps or units to a free swinging climbing wall, a cable walk, pamper pole and many more.
We have also installed some of these elements indoors in the event hall at Schloss Hohenkammer. So bad weather is no obstacle.

With a certain amount of preparation, we can also erect these elements at your chosen location. In doing so, we always work with the highest standards of safety for people, material and nature!

Program ideas

Bavarian Olympics

What would a Bavarian festival be without the white and blue flags and a playful test of strength?

The casual program focuses on fun and a relaxed atmosphere. Participants compete in randomly selected teams in various disciplines such as sawing, nailing, cow milking, beer jug holding, team skiing, etc. and prove their "Bavarian fitness".




Archery in itself is an ideal activity to once again "take aim" at goals worked out in the seminar room and to help internalize them. The contrasts between tension and relaxation, as well as between concentration and letting go, are used to strengthen the participants' awareness. Archery can also be used as a purely fun activity during the conference to clear the mind and recharge the batteries. In an exciting competition, the best teams or individual archers can be identified.




Equipped with map and compass or GPS devices, the teams set off on an exciting hike. Encrypted clues must be interpreted correctly in order to find the "right path" together. Along the way, various challenges await that can only be solved as a team.

Special highlights such as rope bridge building with the crossing of a ditch, Mohawk Walk, high rope elements in the forest or archery can be additionally integrated.


Creative building project – bridge building

The combination of teamwork, creativity, tangible work, as well as fun and movement in nature makes this action a lasting experience. The participants build their own bridge from materials provided, which should not only carry all the people, but also meet certain requirements and be equipped with creative flags. Before the start, there are workshops on statics and rope and knot skills. In this way, the participants go into the project as technical specialists.

The team idea and the common experience are in the foreground and the participants have time to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and to have fun. During the planning phase, suggestions are made, ideas are collected and a defined plan is created. In the process, the team learns to exploit its own resources and use them in a targeted manner.


Climbing elements (outdoor and indoor)

Various elements at heights of up to 10 meters place different demands on the participants: It's not about top athletic performance, but primarily about courage, overcoming barriers and the willingness to test and possibly exceed one's own limits. However, each individual decides for him/herself how far and high he/she wants to go. Here, for sure, every participant has his /her personal triumph and an unparalleled feeling of success.

Each exercise is done by a single participant. The necessary motivation and support is given by the team. Available are: Swinging Units, Cable Walk, Trapeze, Mobile Pamper Pole, Climbing Wall, via ferrata with an abseil.



Chain reaktion

The participants create their own chain reaction with the help of a few pieces of information. Creativity and effective cooperation are required to meet special challenges. In the end, the individual subsections from the teams are joined together to form an overall construction. As soon as the starting signal is given and the ball starts rolling, the tension increases. Will everything run through to the end without stopping and trigger the show effect? An ingenious experience for the whole team, in which the abilities of individuals must be recognized in order to use the resources in the team in a meaningful way.


Raft building

The combination of teamwork, creativity, hands-on work, as well as fun and movement in nature makes this action a lasting experience. The participants build a floatable raft from just a few materials such as wood, floats and ropes. Thoughtful planning and clear communication among the participants are essential to ensure that the raft is ready for the challenges ahead.

After construction, the teams hoist their self-designed flag and "get on the water"! With the self-built rafts, they set off on their maiden voyage.


Outdoor Escape

We bring the popular "Escape Room" outside. An exciting game that is a self-determined and very individual experience for each team.

In a race against time and the other teams, only the best strategy paired with team spirit and a little luck will lead to victory. Creative, logical and physical challenges must be mastered, with each team choosing the tasks that best suit their resources. Here, optional actions such as archery and climbing can also be incorporated.

Each team receives a tablet as a game computer, through which all important game information can be accessed at any time. Team spirit and communication are at the forefront of this interactive event.


Take the ideas as a suggestion for a conversation with us or
request our detailed program ideas first.